About Uno Premier

What is Uno Premier?

UNO Premier is a dynamic marketing company that was derived from the foundation of a very long history of Leadership, Management and Entrepreneurism. UNO Premier’s Mother Company UNO started its rising 8 years ago and blossomed throughout the network marketing Industry like rapid fire and became a network marketing sensation and has created over 800 Philippine millionaires over the short span of 8 years which in itself is a natural phenomenon and today has over 100 offices spread out nationwide throughout the Philippines.

From the foundation of UNO comes the birth of UNO Premier. UNO Premier was specifically designed to penetrate the International Market and cater to a more refine class of mentality of high end professionals and entrepreneurs which categorically fall under what is known as the A, B and Upper C Markets among businessman and woman and likeminded professionals.

Its vision from a business stand point from Products, Services, Marketing, Management and a powerhouse Compensation structure is what drives UNO Premier to the top of the Elite and separates itself from the common traditional Network marketing programs you see today. UNO Premier is poised as the next big International giant to create the next wave of millionaires.

Our Mission

The Company's objective is to be the world's leading opportunity wealth network provider. In this tough industry we will set a new pace in helping people achieve their goals and dreams. We will change the lives of thousands and bring people a peace of mind. We will become the #1 Network Marketing Company globally changing lives, creating time freedom, and the next wave of millionaires.

Our Vision

It’s not what is seen now, but what we foreseen soon to come to pass, a company of greatness, who has touch the countless lives thru our genuine Love, Integrity, Leadership, Determination and Perseverance of the many challenges up ahead.

Board of Directors

William Barbo


William from a very young age put himself through school as a working student and graduated as a Mechanical Engineer. After finishing college he was not able to find a job in the engineering field so he was forced to work as a bartender to make ends meet. 5 years later he stumbled upon Network Marketing. For the next 17 years he not only learned the trade but became the most well-known Top Earner and respected leader of the industry. William's vision and love for Network Marketing became the prelude to establishing its mother company UNO 8 years ago. His business expertise and leadership skill has made him an outstanding personal relations expert and business developer. Not only has William been recognized as one of the industry’s most prominent network marketer but a true icon of success and accomplishment because of the phenomenal growth of its mother company UNO. As president and co-owner of its mother company UNO, he has set the pace for one of the most accomplished Network Marketing companies of its nation today. Because of his vision, creativity and hard work UNO has created more millionaires than any local company in the Philippines in such a short span of time.

Herbie Chua

Vice President

Herbie Chua one of the big 3 comes from an extensive background and owner of an automotive Buy & Sale business which has molded him not only in experience but understanding fundamental business principles, perseverance and challenges it takes in creating wealth. Shortly after he was introduced to Network Marketing although reluctant to participate he understood the power of a small investment that could potentially grow to astronomical proportions. He took the initiative to learn the trade and become one of the strongest fulfilled Leaders and mentors guiding countless others to fulfilling their dreams. He believed in the power of duplication and the act of giving and encouraging others to fulfill their full potential thru a business based on relationship building. Because of his successful triumph today he has been recognized as a tremendous Leader in the Network Marketing industry and one of the Board of Directors and Co-owner of its mother company UNO and now it’s next new Journey UNO Premier.

Oliver Chua

Chief Operations Officer

Oliver started his early courier working his way up the corporate ladder and then later engaging in the industry of Network Marketing teaming up together with his brother Herbie. Oliver becoming an outstanding Leader and learning the trade, not only leading by example but learning the daily in and out operations of running a multimillion dollar corporation. Today his expertise magnifies and is seen thru the astonishing achievement and growth of its Mother Company UNO. His business expertise has not only been the core milestone and foundations for solid prosperous growth of its mother company but for the countless lives UNO has changed nationwide. UNO today has attained various rewards of recognition and ranked as the number one Network Marketing Company in the Philippines. Oliver today continues to be the Chief Cornerstone of its operations and now taking on its next adventure – UNO Premier.